Trials promising

By Country News

After rigorous testing and validation trials, confidence is growing in ASKBILL’s ability to accurately predict flock production and risks to animal health.

Hilary Beech, from agricultural consultants Holmes Sackett, has participated in the trials and believes the latest changes to the forecasting tool will deliver the improved accuracy producers need to enhance flock productivity and wellbeing.

‘‘I now find it quite accurate and in this area it has been very useful in predicting what production will be like over the next three months as we come into shearing and then lambing,’’ Ms Beech said.

The web-based software complements a grazier’s knowledge with detailed forecasts about their livestock and pastures, and predicts opportunities and threats to individual properties from the weather, pests or disease.

Developed by Sheep CRC, it uses short and long-term weather forecasts in conjunction with actual sheep and pasture measurements to provide sheep producers with the critical information needed for making more precise farming decisions.

‘‘The predictions on wool growth rates and hot standard carcase weight, based on the parameters of the sheep, will be really useful to producers,’’ Ms Beech said.

‘‘And it will be a useful tool to be able to gauge how a farming system is coping with changes to the production environment by using the pasture growth and pasture availability tools, along with the tool predicting dry matter availability based on stocking rate.’’

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