Kaiela Arts works on show in National Gallery of Victoria

By Shepparton News

Designs from Kaiela Arts Campfire series have made their way to the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Campfire series has been created by local indigenous artists who have pressed and transferred charcoal onto linen.

The patterned linen was then made into cushions, t shirts and purses which are now available to purchase at NGV Design Store in Melbourne.

Kaiela Arts Manger Angie Russi said the gallery wanted to embed the country into their art.

“Australia doesn’t produce its own pigments anymore, so any printing or artists pigments mainly come from Germany,” Ms Russi said.

“But charcoal has been used for centuries to draw with, to colour with and their it is in the campfire we sit around in Shepparton.”

“So we tested and worked with the fallen timbers we found along the river here,” she said.

Melbourne design studio Spacecraft collaborated with the artists to help make the idea come to life.

The artworks which were designed to sit in an engaging space such as a lounge or on a person represent the significant communal space that brought about by a campfire.

Ms Russi said the artists found that using materials found directly from their country was a lot more meaningful.

“The artwork transfers into a very human and very connected piece in it’s expression” she said.

Although the artwork is currently available in Melbourne the designs won’t be available to purchase in the Shepparton gallery until later next month.

Ms Russi said the response from the community has been really exciting.

“People get very involved in the process and can hardly believe that it’s charcoal and it gets people thinking about the origins of it too” she said.

The gallery have created a video for the public to fully understand how the local designs have been created.

For more information or to watch the video visit