Artists join in Aurora disaster anniversary tribute

By Shepparton News

By Beverley Dowd
Splinter Contemporary Artists publicity officer

Violet Town was the scene of a tragedy in 1969 when the Southern Aurora passenger train collided head-on with a Sydney-bound freight train.

Nine people died and more than 100 people were injured in the crash. The tragedy and the voluntary community response will be commemorated in Violet Town on its 50th anniversary from today to Sunday.

Among the exhibitionsare works by Splinter Contemporary Artists who have been invited to create works that will respect those who lost their lives, those who were injured and those who volunteered their help in diverse ways ranging from rescue and first-aid to welfare, catering and accommodation.

The exhibit will be in the Violet Town community centre. The commemoration starts with an opening tomorrow at 5pm. Volunteers have also created a memorial garden complete with a carriage from the Southern Aurora.

For more information, phone Bruce Cumming on 0419540552 or email bruce.cumming1 Splinter Contemporary Artists are proud to add their interpretations in painting, textiles and ceramics to the event.