WW helps people stay healthy

By Shepparton News

A Shepparton group is working to inspire people to make healthier food choices to better their physical and mental wellbeing.

WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, gives members meal options and studio support to help them achieve their wellness goals.

‘‘WW is more than just healthy eating and working out, it is about working out what individual things work for you because what works for you might not work for others,’’ WW member Hilary Vella said.

Ms Vella said members were given access to the Shepparton Wellness That Works group that provided additional support to help members keep motivated between workshops and to share little tips and tricks.

Meetings are on weekly to help members keep on the track towards a healthier lifestyle.

‘‘By attending the meetings you are in a community setting where you’re able to share your thoughts, recipes, ideas and shopping tips,’’ Ms Vella said.

‘‘We talk about eating out, building self-compassion, ways to move, knowing your ‘why’, keeping on track and encouraging our members.’’

Ms Vella said the group was meeting at St Paul’s African House in Shepparton on a Wednesday night, but had changed its time and location to Scots Uniting Church at 9am on a Friday.

The group also meets at the same location at 8.30am Saturdays.

‘‘You can go in and record your results, have a talk to your coach, spend time congratulating people on their celebrations ... we talk about one of our topics for the week and discuss amongst members any questions they might have,’’ Ms Vella said.

‘‘We’re there to support each other; somebody might need reassuring or have queries such as their portion sizes might be a bit large for something they’re having.’’

A member for 25 years, Ms Vella said people usually just needed some community support to help them on their journey.

She encouraged anyone interested to attend the Wellness That Works meetings on a Friday or Saturday.

‘‘It is about building healthy habits to improve your life. We encourage people to do strength and activity work to improve their wellness.

‘‘People might not be there for wellness, they might be there for a healthy lifestyle — to form healthy habits.’’

For more information about the Wellness That Works group, phone Hilary Vella on 0409582124.