Playful pooches beat the heat in Shepparton

By Ashlea Witoslawski

No matter if you have two legs or four, the best way to cool down during hot weather always includes a pool, hose or sprinklers.

For rescue dogs Boi and Jack, the hot summer days this week were made much more bearable by their compassionate new foster mum Dayann Moon.

The two Jack Russells moved into their new Shepparton home on Friday last week as part of the foster program run by Shepparton Animal Rescue and Rehoming (SAR+R).

After they were surrendered by their previous owner’s family, Ms Moon was delighted to welcome the father-and-son duo into her home, where they share the house with a litter of foster kittens and another dog — Maltese cross Lilly, 5.

The dogs currently occupy the backyard, and Ms Moon has a few tips and tricks for keeping Boi, 5, and Jack, 1, cool during the hot weather.

‘‘I put ice blocks in their water, give them frozen bones and water down the lawns to keep the grass cool,’’ she said.

Ms Moon also said it was important to have shade for the animals and spoiled her dogs with a shell pool.

After joining the foster program in July last year, Ms Moon said it was enjoyable and easy to get involved.

‘‘It doesn’t take much effort to be a carer, just a little bit more food and a secure property for the dogs,’’ she said

‘‘SAR+R is more about finding the right person for our dogs, than finding the right dog for the person.’’

With kitten season currently under way, Ms Moon said there were a huge number of kittens looking for new homes in the local area.

‘‘Kitten season means an increase in litters and an increase in unwanted litters,’’ she said.

Ms Moon encouraged everyone to consider adoption as an option.

‘‘It’s cheaper than buying the animal, then having to do all the vaccinations and microchip yourself,’’ she said.

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