Building towards Worlds

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Shepparton’s Katrina Wood is amazed by her transformation from pole dancer to fitness model during the past few years.

With Pro status in both the Fitness Model and Sports Model categories, the Guthrie St Primary School physical education teacher will compete in the largest body-building event in the Southern Hemisphere this weekend.

In 2015, Ms Wood began lifting weights as part of a 16-week challenge.

‘‘I wanted to improve my body and wanted to get stronger,’’ she said.

It was at this time while she was enjoying pole dancing for fitness that she broke her toe.

Unable to get back to the pole for some time, Ms Wood turned her attention to the gym.

Impressed by her transformation in such a short time, she continued pushing and setting new fitness goals, which inspired her to enter the world of bodybuilding.

‘‘I wanted to improve my body and go to the next level,’’ she said.

She earned her Pro Fitness Model status at an event in Bali last November, before stepping up to the Pro level in the Sports Model category in Thailand at the ICN Southern Universe titles in June this year.

Katrina Wood competing in Bali in 2017 at ICN Natlympia in the Sports Model category.

‘‘I had a go at doing Sports Model and I stepped into that category purely as a warm-up, thinking that I’d get the stage nerves out of the way for when I did the fitness category,’’ she said.

‘‘To my surprise, I ended up placing first in the 30-plus division, first in the open class and then winning the overall there.

‘‘By winning the overall, I earned my Pro card and being that they had the Pro competition happening that day I stepped into that line-up and placed third.’’

This weekend at The Fitness Show Melbourne, Ms Wood will be competing in the iCompete Natural (ICN) Pro Night of Champions as a Pro in both the Fitness Model and Sports Model categories.

‘‘I pinch myself; I never thought that could be ever something I could achieve,’’ she said.

‘‘I never had ambitions to be a sports model.’’

Ms Wood said she’d had a short competition preparation of six weeks, as she worked to maintain her competition weight most of the time.

Training six days a week, Ms Wood endures 45 minutes of weight training, and also does 20 minutes of interval training four times a week.

Ms Wood earned first place in the Pro Sports category at the ICN Natlympia in Bali.

She said eating a diet filled with eggs, vegetables, chicken, fish and protein shakes was easy to maintain with a generally healthy lifestyle — however it could become difficult when tempted by her nieces with a Magnum ice-cream.

Ms Wood is looking forward to the competition, although nerves still sometimes creep in.

‘‘It’s come around so quickly,’’ Ms Wood said.

‘‘I’m a bit nervous but the hard work has been done.

‘‘It’s just a matter of letting it all happen and taking it as it comes.’’

Hoping for a place in the top five at The Fitness Show this weekend, Ms Wood is positive about the competition and its outcome.

‘‘I’ll just do my best on the day and let the judges make the decision,’’ she said.

Ms Wood is keen to get through this weekend’s competition to focus more heavily on the ICN World Championships held on the Gold Coast on October 27 and 28.

‘‘I’ll be in better condition for that event.’’

The Fitness Show is on at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on October 13 and 14.

Ms Wood runs her own online coaching for those interested in improving their fitness and wellbeing. For more information, phone her directly on 0402916686 or email her at [email protected]