$10 microchipping offered

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Microchipping your cats and dogs goes hand in hand with collar identification tags and the responsibility of owning a pet.

This year is the third national microchipping day, run in conjunction with PETstock’s charity arm, PETstock Assist, to offer microchipping for $10.

PETstock Shepparton manager Kylie Phillips said every pet should be microchipped like the store’s cat Trix.

‘‘Her and her sister were left on the front doorstep about three years ago, so we adopted her, and her sister found a new home,’’ Ms Phillips said.

She said Trix was a typical tortoiseshell, very demanding, and everything had to be on her terms.

‘‘She’s got a house here, she just roams around during the day, saying hello to everybody, stealing all the treats off the front counter. She’s a very cheeky cat,’’ Ms Phillips said.

She said it was especially important to make people aware of the need to microchip indoor cats.

‘‘She is microchipped, as every pet should be, even if they only live inside. If they do happen to get out, it’s an easy way for the council to be able to find the animal’s owner and return them,’’ Ms Phillips said.

PETstock Assist charity and events co-ordinator Jess Guilfoyle was thrilled they had been able to reduce the number of non-microchipped pets.

‘‘In 2016, more than 8210 animals were microchipped during the event and, in 2017, we were pleased to see those numbers reduced to 6566, demonstrating the decreasing number of Aussie animals in need of microchipping,’’ she said.

‘‘Microchipping is mandatory in most states, however thousands of pets have fallen through the cracks, whether that be due to the cost of microchipping or older pets that were already of age when mandatory laws were introduced.’’

National project manager Christine Robertson said the panic of losing a pet could be heartbreaking for owners, and microchipping provided a level of protection and peace of mind their pet would be returned.

‘‘Once microchipped, pets can be tracked down online or through the local vet, however keeping your registration contact details updated is a must,’’ Ms Robertson said.

Microchipping costs $10 a pet and owners are encouraged to bring dogs, cats and small animals, including rabbits and guinea pigs, into PETstock Shepparton at 210 Benalla Rd, Shepparton, on Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21.

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