Former Shepp local kicking goals in travel industry

By Liz Mellino

Former Shepparton resident Cassi Tormey has left her mark on the Australian tourism industry.

Ms Tormey was recently recognised at the National Travel Awards for her business Cornerstone People Solutions.

While Ms Tormey is making waves on a national level, she said Shepparton would always have a special place in her heart.

‘‘I spent my whole life in Shepparton before moving away for uni, my parents and brother are still there,’’ she said.

‘‘A lot of my friends from primary and high school still live there, I love that I grew up there.’’

With travel in her blood, Ms Tormey spent three years travelling the world after university, something she dreamed of after her first overseas trip with her grandmother some years earlier.

Coming back to reality, she fell into a job at Flight Centre, which started her passion for the industry she has never left.

‘‘I worked at Flight Centre for over 10 years and within that time I ended up moving into their training department and ended up becoming a state leader for learning and development,’’ Ms Tormey said.

‘‘During that time I got to teach, train and develop great concepts for the industry and how to run a business.’’

After gaining a wealth of experience, Ms Tormey decided to partner up with Rachael Seymour, who was also working at Flight Centre, to start their own business.

Fourteen years on, Cornerstone People Solutions is growing by the day and building a platform of knowledge in the industry.

‘‘We focus on building expertise within the travel and tourism industries, all based around existing workers and building their skills,’’ Ms Tormey said.

‘‘We’re based around helping people be better in the industry, and through us being trends experts so we can empower the industry to be better equipped.’’

Ms Tormey said the pair were shocked to learn they were recognised for the award, going up against a range of wholesalers, retailers and corporate businesses.

With the industry continually adapting each year, Ms Tormey said she was looking forward to seeing where they could take their business in the coming years.

‘‘The award gives us kudos within the industry and allows us to open doors and be more at the forefront of policy and creation,’’ she said.

‘‘It is a great industry, one that I love and have chosen not to leave.’’