Stanhope wins mixed triples title

By McIvor Times

HEATHCOTE Bowling Club held its Mixed Triples Winter Tournament on Sunday with 18 teams of bowlers from eight different clubs playing four games of eight ends to win the title.

The winners of the tournament were B. Williams (s), G. Mullaley and J. Patterson from Stanhope who scored 165 points.

Runners-up was the team from Heathcote skipped by B. Gardiner with four wins and 160 points.

Third place, meanwhile, went to the team skipped by J. Bruce from Seymour who had 4 wins and 158 points.

Social Bowls.

In fine winter conditions last Wednesday, 17 players enjoyed three games of pairs and triples at Heathcote Bowling Club.

At the end of the day, one team had chalked up three wins, and that team comprised H. Dihm, K. Hamilton and R. Scott (three wins, 42 points, + 15 shots).

On Saturday, four teams of pairs and two triples took to the greens in the great weather conditions. B. Gardiner and J. McGillivray were the only three-game winners (3 wins, 42 points, + 11 shots). Runners-up were B. Taylor and D. Finn (2 wins, 34 points, + 16 shots).

Coming events.

Today: Committee meeting at 5pm; mixed social bowls at 1pm.

Saturday, July 13: Mixed social bowls at 1pm.