Axedale Golf Club

By McIvor Times

ON SATURDAY, 74 men and 9 women took part in a stroke event at the Axedale Golf Club with thanks to sponsorship from Drummond Golf.

Men’s event

In division one, for handicaps of 0-13, the winner was Grant Lane (80 gross, 10 h/c, 70 nett). The runner-up was Wayne Mildren (84 gross, 12 h/c, 72 nett) on a count-back from Fred Kath (80 gross, 8 h/c, 72 nett) also on a count-back.

In division two, for handicaps of 14-19, the winner was Rod Threlfall (81 gross, 14 h/c, 67 nett) on a count-back from Rob Taylor (82 gross, 15 h/c, 67 nett). Third place went to Bill Ferrari (82 gross, 14 h/c, 68 nett).

In division three, for handicaps of 20-36, the winner was Rowan Galbraith (95 gross, 27 h/c, 68 nett). The runner-up was Garry Edwards (93 gross, 23 h/c, 70 nett), while third place went to John Geldart (95 gross, 24 h/c, 71 nett).

Ball winners: Ron Bradley 70, Phil Brooks 70, David Baillie 70, Roger Heider 72, Phil Luke 72 and Rod Southon 70.

Ladies event

In the ladies event, for handicaps of 0-45, the division one winner was Raye Fleay (95 gross, 18 h/c, 77 nett) from Anne Telford (106 gross, 28 h/c, 78 nett) on a count-back.

Ball winners: Ruth Iser 78 and Carmel Harrison 78.

Nearest the pins

1st hole — division one: Bill Ferrari; division two: Rick Manley.

2nd shot, 3rd hole — division one: John Harrison; division two: Ian Martin.

6th hole — open: Grant Lane.

16th hole Superpin — entries Max Kettle.

18th hole — division one: Ron Bradley; division two: No winner — jackpot.

Other highlights

Best Gross: Roger Heider (79 c/b)

Monthly Medal: Rod Threlfall.

■ ON THURSDAY, July 4, 59 men took part in a stableford event at the Axedale Golf Club. The event was sponsored by Drummond Golf.

In division one (0-14) the winner was Fred Kath (9 h/c, 41 nett). The runner-up was Garry Harrop (10 h/c, 40 nett). Third place went to Andrew Schaeche (10 h/c, 37 nett).

In division two (15-20) the winner was John Neylon (16 h/c, 38 nett). The runner-up was Rob Minne (16 h/c, 37 nett), while third place went to David Baillie (15 h/c, 35 nett).

In division three (21-36) the winner was Ian Martin (21 h/c, 34 nett). The runner-up was Phil Harris (28 h/c, 33 nett) on a count-back from Ernie Lowndes (25 h/c, 33 nett).

Ball winners: L. Johnstone 36, P. Hoskin 35, Ed Dickins 35, P. Pyke 33, S. Bilardi 33 and T. McManus 33.

Nearest the pins:

1st hole — division one: Rob Minne; division two: Rick Manley.

3rd hole, 2nd shot — division one: Lex Johnstone; division two: Geoff Kerr.

6th hole — open: Max Kettle.

17th hole Presidential (Longest) Putt: Peter Hoskin.

18th hole — division one: Rob Taylor; division two: No winner — jackpots.

Encouragement Award: Division one: Colin Green; division two: Bill Andrea; division three: Noel Holmes.

Birdie Balls: P. Hoskin 18th.