Saints paid for their slow start

By McIvor Times

PLAYING Elmore we knew we would have to bring our best game to push for victory – but it was not to be.

From the opening centre pass the Saints girls appeared flat and lacked their normal intensity around the ball.

Coach Lorrae Closter received an early insight into the challenges facing the team when we failed to score a goal in the first five minutes, despite going into the ring on numerous occasions. Lorrae and the injured Tyler McKeown have been a tremendous partnership this year and McKeown’s absence proved challenging. Chan Whiting moved up the court and played in wing defence later in the game and her drive and aggressive play created many turnovers but unfortunately the shooters were not on their game and we could not cap off her good work.

With a match against Lockington this week the girls need to work hard because this is a game that is definitely within our reach but it will require a full game effort and scoring the goals when they present themselves.