Injury cripples side

By McIvor Times

IT WAS an injury-ravaged Saints outfit that took the field against the visiting Elmore combination, with seven players out and two with injuries that might have become aggravated at any time.

Despite that the team still ran out onto the field with a purpose and looking for that first, elusive victory.

The first term saw the Saints aggression and tackling give Elmore plenty to think about, with the back six making it difficult for the Bloods forwards.

Louie Piccolo continued his fine season with his hard running aggression and the Saints only trailed by two goals at the first bell.

It was a promising start for the team but with so many players out the ability to kick goals was going to be a challenge.

Jamie Baker was presenting up forward and his desperation and aggression started to pay dividends for his team as the Saints kicked 3.2 for the term but Elmore was starting to settle and they extended their lead to 21 points at half time.

Jack Paisley was a strong leader in and around the packs and he was tireless in his efforts to get his team back into the game, while young gun Kai Cavallaro was getting kicks at will.

The Elmore team had few answers for his long dashes and Ty Primmer was getting kicks all around the ground and would go on to be the Saints best player.

Most supporters around the ground felt the team was doing a good job, especially as they suffered another injury blow with Piccolo off for the rest of the game with a hamstring.

Despite this the Saints faithful were still hopeful that the team would continue its efforts in the second half.

Unfortunately it all went awry in the second half as the Elmore on-ballers found space and the besieged defenders were unable to repel the endless stream of forward thrusts.

Brayden Klemke and Dillon Hardy were tireless in defence all day and kept running the ball forward but it came back quickly.

Luke Bell is having a great year and once again he was providing on-field leadership to his embattled teammates.

In the end it was left to too few and perhaps the loss of so many of the team’s prime movers exposed some flaws in the makeup of the team.

About 10 players every week run themselves ragged for the team but with so many out it was left to too few to continue this work.

Elmore kicked 15 goals in the last half because not enough players put their hands up. We need as a unit to demand more personally and realise wins are hard earned and for Heathcote to win games before the end of the season that all players demand more of themselves and their team-mates.