Those little lapses cost us big again

By McIvor Times

Words/images: DARREN LEWIS

A TITANIC struggle against Leitchville-Gunbower on the new netball courts at Heathcote kept the crowd enthralled as both teams showed they were not prepared to give an inch.

It was also a wonderful bonus to be able to enjoy the netball on the new court — which also means the netballers will enjoy not having to walk over to the old courts.

From the moment the siren sounded to start the game both teams attacked the ball with a ferocity and intensity that had the crowd involved from the opening pass.

Both defences were tough and uncompromising, which made the task of scoring even more difficult than usual.

Scores were kept very close all day but those lapses in defence reared their heads again and missed opportunities under the ring allowed Leitchville-Gunbower to wrest the advantage from the Saints.

Despite trailing the Saints never gave up and with coach Lorrae Closter and Izzy Caughey running hard they looked a chance to record a victory.

The siren would win the day and the Saints walked off the court with yet another near miss.

Final score: Leitchville-Gunbower 34 d Heathcote 32.

Although their efforts have been outstanding in recent weeks, lapses are proving costly and with the powerful White Hills ahead of them it is important to maintain the intensity for a full four quarters.