Good buzz surrounds the Saints

By Andrew Johnston

THERE is always concern when a new football coach comes to town.

Will the team stay the same, will there be a massive shift, or will he bring new guys and completely rebuild the club?

Heathcote need not worry with new coach Wayne Primmer.

His expectations so far this season are pretty simple — he will give you the opportunity and then it’s up to you to make it work.

‘‘I’ve told our players already that the guys who do the work for us will be given the first opportunity when we get around to practice games in a few weeks,’’ he said.

‘‘It doesn’t matter where they were in the past, whether guys were playing senior football or playing in the reserves side. If you perform on the track and then perform in the practice matches, I will give you the opportunity at senior football.

‘‘I’ll give you the opportunity, but it’s up to you to keep performing and continue to prove that you belong in the side.’’

And he has had a lot of players to choose from so far to do so.

Although not in recent weeks.

‘‘We had a really good turnout to training in the first couple of weeks before Christmas,’’ he said.

‘‘I was really impressed with the number of players that we had on the track.

‘‘Since we returned those numbers have been down a bit. It’s been pretty hot in that time so that may have turned a few people off coming down.

‘‘Now that the heat has eased off a bit, we are seeing the numbers start to build up a bit again, so we have more players providing a bit of competition to each other which you always want to have.’

On the recruiting front, the club is continuing to look for new players.

‘‘We are still in conversations,’’ he said.

‘‘We’ve had chats with a couple of players in the past few weeks, but that is something that will happen until we start playing.

‘‘We are always on the lookout for ways that we can improve as a side, so our recruiting will be an ongoing process.’’

As for Primmer, he has had a good start at the club.

‘‘I feel like things are going really well for us at the moment,’’ he said.

‘‘I really enjoy the atmosphere and the feeling around this club. We have a great group of players and I love the way they are going about their football.

‘‘It’s been a fantastic start and I look forward to seeing how we go as a club this year.’’