Amanda Garner’s Dancing with the Stars review

By Reader Contributed

Excell Dance Centre instructor and 2006 Dancing with the Stars winner Amanda Garner shares her thoughts:

It was semi-final time on Dancing with the Stars.

Each couple performed two dances this week — one being a redemption dance, a chance for the couples to take the weakest dance of the season and perform it again.

The most improved in the redemption dance section was Samuel Johnson and partner Jorja, who danced a rumba.

This time around, Samuel danced the rumba with straight legs, smooth and fluid movements and a confidence he lacked the first time.

Samuel and Jorja also got the highest score of the night for this dance and it truly was well deserved.

The second performance was the fusion dance, which saw contestants take two completely different dances and, in some cases different styles, making them meld together seamlessly.

My favourite performance for this category was Jett Kenny and partner Lily.

They danced a jive/cha cha routine — two dances that do not go together easily.

Jett performed both dances very well and I agree with the judges in regards to him opening up and dancing his most relaxed and free number of the season.

Jett and Lily were eliminated this week.

I really wanted to see them in the final as I love how much Jett has improved as a dancer but unfortunately it was not to be.

Well done to both of them for a fantastic season and some wonderful dance routines.

I can’t wait to see the final three couples — Samuel and Jorja, Courtney and Josh, and Constance and Gustavo — battle it out to see who will take home that glorious trophy.