Festive fun for all the family

By Shepparton News

By Breanna Zampaglione

It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s colourful, and it’s full of Christmas.
The Grinch is back in cinemas right in time for December, and it’s nice and early to get everyone into the spirit of the season.
Spring-boarding from the much loved Dr Seuss classic, this Grinch is a little bit of everything — familiarity, nostalgia and a sprinkling of modern values to keep everyone entertained.
It’s Christmas in Whoville and all the Whos are preparing for their biggest celebration yet.
The Grinch, however, is not, and his hate towards the holiday has culminated in his biggest and most evil plan yet: the Grinch is going to steal Christmas.
But not every Who needs presents and wrapping and decorations for Christmas; little Cindy Lou only wants her overworked mother to be happy.
As she hatches a plot to trap Santa and make her demands, Cindy Lou crosses paths with the Grinch as his own plan unfolds.
The bright colours of the characters and amazing animation skills are enough to keep the kids entertained for the entire length of the film, and the studio has done a wonderful job of conveying the true Christmas spirit onscreen.
Benedict Cumberbatch may seem like an interesting choice for the titular character on paper, but he truly takes on the role and conveys the character’s personality perfectly, creating a fun onscreen presence to watch. But the most charismatic is Max, the dog, who steals almost every scene with his absolutely adorable nature.
Fun for the whole family and with enough fresh material to keep even the adults entertained, The Grinch is set to be the family Christmas film this year, and it’s not one that you want to miss.