Opera in the Convent Garden popular among Tatura residents

By Laura Briggs

Opera in the Convent Garden was popular among Tatura residents.

More than 200 people filled the garden on Sunday and were treated to performances from Opera Australia guest singers.

Kindred Spirits’ event organiser Sue Mancini was thrilled to see the fundraising event draw such a crowd.

‘‘Kindred Spirits does an annual fundraiser, so this year we decided to do something different and I can see with the popularity that it will be happening again.’’

Ms Mancini said the funds raised from the day would go towards supporting Tatura’s children in need.

‘‘We really want to fund children’s education and make sure that they are not missing out on the school camps and important educational experiences,’’ she said.

Opera Australia’s Michael Lapiña was pleased to share his gift of singing with the people of Tatura.

‘‘Myself and the colleagues that I’ve brought here with me from Opera Australia, we have this little gift of ours — which is the singing voice — and we love sharing it with people, especially in places like Tatura where it’s not often that people get to the city and have a chance to hear opera on the grand scale, so we love bringing it out here and being a part of supporting the community,’’ he said.

Ms Mancini said it was a delight to have Mr Lapiña, who was also accompanied by others from Opera Australia.

‘‘This year Michael has brought two sopranos with him and four of his students so we feel very privileged to have that calibre of singing in Tatura.