Nathalia’s G.R.A.I.N Store to hold blue event

By Tara Whitsed

Nathalia’s The G.R.A.I.N Store will wrap up its year of events and exhibitions with a performance by award-winning blues artist Fiona Boyes.

The musician has just released the album Voodoo in the Shadows and finished up a tour of Europe and South Africa.

The G.R.A.I.N Store’s curator Kristen Retallick said Boyes was brought to the attention of the store by local dedicated music lover, performer and cigar box guitar enthusiast Pip Cowan.

‘‘Pip met Fiona in Mississippi when he was a long way from home and in a time of need,’’ Ms Retallick said.

‘‘She has since supported him musically, as well as at this time, so he is now asking people to come along and support her by coming along to this show.’’

Mr Cowan described Boyes as one of the very best blues artists and guitarists in Australia.

Voodoo in the Shadows is Boyer’s 14th release after recording and performing for more than 25 years.

‘‘This is the final performance event for The G.R.A.I.N Store for 2018 and should be an excellent afternoon’s entertainment, with food available and drinks at bar prices,’’ Ms Retallick said.

Tickets are on sale through www.trybooking.com/YSCI and at Nathalia Post Office and The G.R.A.I.N Store. The event will be held at The G.R.A.I.N Store on Sunday, December 2 at 4pm. Tickets cost $30 for non-members and $25 for members.