Turning friendship upside down

By Shepparton News

3.5/5 Stars

Female friendships in film are often defined by the secrets shared between the two women.
Interestingly, new film A Simple Favour turns this trope on its head and analyses the possibility of becoming friends with a person who is a mysterious enigma, one that will never show you anything below the surface.
And with such a strong female presence, it’s no surprise the film has plenty of shocks and surprises in store.
Young single mum Stephanie has only recently become friends with the beautiful Emily when she is asked to look after Emily’s son after school.
Without anything to suggest the coming events will happen, Stephanie soon loses all contact with Emily who disappears without a single trace.
Following the breadcrumbs leads to a body in a lake, but there is still doubt in Stephanie’s mind.
 Is Emily really gone? Is she still missing? And what do the people who loved her, including Stephanie herself, truly know about Emily and her life?
Blake Lively (Emily) and Anna Kendrick (Stephanie) do a wonderful job in their leading roles, creating an effortless bond that allows their acting to shine (even if they do both seem a little typecast in their roles).
Supporting actor Henry Golding also stars, fresh off the heels of success story Crazy Rich Asians.
There are plenty of plot twists and moments you won’t see coming, and the ending isn’t something you can pick from the opening moments of the film (at least not in its entirety).
A Simple Favour is a classy film, and one that will pleasantly surprise and shock.

- Breanna Zampaglione