National Day of Action Against Bullying recognised in schools

By Liz Mellino

Bullying prevention was the message shared at Wilmot Rd Primary School on Friday for the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

Students from all year levels took took part in a number of classroom-based activities throughout the day centred around this year’s theme of ‘‘Bullying. No Way! Take action everyday’’.

Wilmot Rd Primary School social worker Emma Monteleone said by acknowledging the day they hoped students felt more comfortable to speak up about bullying and take action if it occurred.

‘‘Each of the classrooms are doing activities about bullying prevention and are being given strategies to prevent bullying and how to cope or deal with it,’’ Ms Monteleone said.

‘‘We have a zero tolerance to bullying here at Wilmot Rd and we want the kids to celebrate their individuality and for all of them to feel accepted when they’re here.’’

While Prep students watched a video on Alan the Alien, an alien from a different planet who comes to a new school in hopes of being accepted, the older students spent some time making anti-bullying posters, which will be displayed around the school.

Students also took part in a crazy hair out of school uniform day on Friday to mark the national day.

‘‘We’re sending the message that students can have crazy hair and be different, even though we’re all different we’re celebrating that and accepting everyone.’’