VIDEO: Bourchier Street Primary students make music

By Laura Briggs

Music is making its mark on students at Bourchier Street Primary School.

The Shepparton school is one of few across Victoria’s rural regions to have welcomed the National Music Teachers Mentor Program as part of their school agenda for Prep to Year 2 students.

The program aims to make music popular among primary-aged students and encourage them to make and enjoy music anywhere, anytime.

Program mentor Gabrielle Ryan said she was delighted to have the chance to take music into the school.

‘‘We do lots of singing, dancing and playing instruments and the students are responding really well,’’ she said.

Ms Ryan said while she believed the students had enjoyed their time in the program, she hoped the interest would continue to rise.

‘‘The idea is that when I walk away, it doesn’t walk away with me,’’ she said.

She said she had been thrilled to work alongside Prep teachers Jane Shattock, Amy McCurdy and Sam Bentley, who had joined in on the 20-week program.

Ms Ryan said she hoped to see the government-funded program expand further into more Shepparton primary schools so more students could be enjoying the gift of music.

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