Young drivers learn skills in Violet Town

By Laura Briggs

Learner drivers in Violet Town were treated to some advanced instruction in driving skills, road safety and hazard awareness on Sunday.

The full-day session was put on thanks to community efforts and support from driving school Murcotts Driving Excellence.

Twelve learner drivers and their supervisors took part in the session, which involved a mix of theory and practical sessions to improve the attitude, capability and safety of new drivers.

Murcotts instructor Tim Saville was impressed with the organisation and commitment of the participants.

‘‘Young drivers need to develop experience, and with this comes risk,’’ he said.

Mr Saville said the aim of the day was for young drivers to improve driving aptitude and the capability to understand and evaluate risks.

Event organisers Tim Barlow and Jeff Welsh said the day was a great way for drivers to know what to expect on country roads.

‘‘Country driving is different to driving in the city,’’ Mr Barlow said.

‘‘In the city, although roads are busier, cars tend to move in groups. In the country, you have gravel or narrow bitumen roads, and also freeways, wandering stock, wildlife, poor signage, and other traffic when you least expect it.

‘‘Awareness of what could happen is essential to safer driving.’’

Mr Welsh said they appreciated the support offered by locals.

‘‘We’ve received fantastic support from the local action group (VTAG), Lions Club, and the Violet Town Op Shop which all provided funds to make the day happen,’’ he said.

‘‘Murcotts and GAME Traffic have been tremendously supportive, as has the VT Community House, VT Football and Netball Club, Strathbogie Shire and VicRoads.’’