Future students transition to St Anne’s College in Kialla

By Liz Mellino

Future Foundation students at St Anne’s College in Kialla enjoyed their second transition day at the school yesterday.

The Catholic school will open for the first time next year with Foundation and Year7 students the first to use the new facilities.

Principal Dom Poppa said stage one of the building could house 240 students and as further year levels were introduced in coming years the facilities would expand.

‘‘Next year we will have Foundation and Year 7 and every year we’re going to build from there,’’ he said.

‘‘The current building has capacity for 240, next year and the year after we’ll get to capacity and then the building will become an ongoing project as the numbers grow.’’

Foundation students spent one hour at the school yesterday where they met their teachers, took part in some classroom activities and familiarised themselves with the new building and facilities.

Mr Poppa said the students would have two more transition visits this month before attending an orientation day next month ahead of school starting next year.

‘‘It’s really about becoming comfortable with the college and what’s here and meeting their teachers,’’ he said.

‘‘The aim is familiarisation so when school begins students are comfortable and there’s hopefully no anxiety at that stage.’’

With the school centering around faith, wisdom and learning, Mr Poppa said students would be taught to respect everyone and everything, do their best and help others succeed.

He said the school was looking to develop a unique curriculum that met the needs of each individual student, with a big focus on inquiry learning.

‘‘Not giving the children the answers but allowing them to explore and wonder and helping them to discover the answers with each other,’’ Mr Poppa said.

‘‘Students as thinkers, researchers and creators as capable boys and girls so hopefully they can make meaning of their world in readiness for the big world.’’