Guthrie Street PS celebrates House Sports Day

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Students clad in green, gold, blue and red gathered in a riot of colour yesterday at McEwen Reserve for the annual Guthrie Street Primary School House Sports Day.

Students spent the day competing for their house in high jump, long jump and shot put before coming together for the relay.

School principal Brendan Bicknell said the students had been working on athletics all term in preparation for the day.

‘‘It’s a lead-up to inter-school athletics which is next term but ours is really about fun, participation and engagement,’’ Mr Bicknell said.

He said the four house teams were all named after local families and places within Shepparton.

‘‘We have green which is Ducat’s from Ducat’s Milk, Longstaff for Longstaff St which is red, then we have blue which is Taylor for Taylor’s Estate, and gold or yellow is Kilgour and Kilgour is a family name that has been through Guthrie Street many years ago,’’ Mr Bicknell said.

Depending on performance from the day, some students will get the chance to compete at the inter-school level.

‘‘If they do well at inter-school, they go into the next level which is called zone, so they go from Shepparton to competing against Kyabram and other schools, further on to regionals which is in Albury and then if they do well in regional they go into state,’’ Mr Bicknell said.

He said the students really enjoyed getting out and being active.

‘‘They get to dress up in house colours and celebrate being active and at the end of the day there is a winning house team. Everyone gets a point for participation and we round up the points at the end and we then have a successful house team and we go from there,’’ Mr Bicknell said.