Reptile show visits Guthrie Street Child Care Centre

By Laura Briggs

Children from Guthrie Street Child Care Centre have learned lots of fun facts through an interactive reptile show.

Child Care Centre teacher Jessica Maguire said Dan Mangano from Reptile Encounters had put on a show that included frogs and insects as well as a number of different reptiles from saltwater crocodiles to large snakes.

Child Care Centre student Olivia Webb could not pick a favourite from the show because she said she liked all of them.

‘‘And I learned that frogs can squirt water out their bottom,’’ she said.

Ms Maguire said the centre had received a visit from Reptile Encounters for a few consecutive years.

‘‘It’s just an opportunity for the children to see animals that they don’t often get to and to have a bit of background information about them,’’ she said.

Ms Maguire said the centre included a number of additional events throughout the year that offered educational fun for children.

‘‘I think it just exposes them to a range of information and different experiences and it’s really beneficial to have those things as part of the program.’’