OneSight and State Schools’ Relief visit St Georges Rd PS

By Laura Briggs

St Georges Rd Primary School students have gained an insight to the world of optometry.

School librarian Margaret Stothart said the Foundation to Year 3 students underwent a series of eye testings performed by professional optometrists at the school yesterday.

She said the students had received a wonderful opportunity from global non-profit organisation OneSight and Victorian charity State Schools’ Relief.

State Schools’ Relief’s Glasses for Kids project manager Meaghan Flack said the program had partnered with OneSight to provide more than 250 Victorian primary schools with screening and testing.

‘‘We’ll be seeing about 900 children this week in nine Shepparton schools and two metropolitan Melbourne schools.’’

OneSight program manager Jenny Harnett said the organisation had travelled to many remote communities throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide as many students as possible with access to vision care and glasses.

She said the organisation did 14 week-long trips each year to offer its services.

‘‘We check the children’s distant and near vision, we also check their colour vision, their depth perception — how well their two eyes are working together and then the optometrists do another check to make sure there are no underlying eye health conditions,’’ Ms Harnett said.

She said students who needed glasses were fitted with a frame to suit them and a pair of prescription lenses were put in to order, again free of charge.

‘‘It’s just amazing what they’re doing,’’ Ms Stothart said.

She said the students had benefited greatly by having their eyes professionally checked. They also enjoyed the educational and positive experience.

Ms Stothart said the team from the two organisations were very well organised and extremely pleasant people who made the experience exciting and memorable for the students.