Code green for go at Leitchville

By Riverine Herald

YEAR 5/6 students out at Leitchville Primary School are learning about the future today.

Recently, the school purchased the training format Spheros, a system which allows the students to learn the art of coding.

With a one to one ratio with the Spheros, students are in the best position for learning all about coding — which is tipped to be a major player in the next generation of careers.

Leitchville Primary School teacher Polly Healey is thrilled to have the Spheros in her classroom.

‘‘We are really lucky to have them,’’ Miss Healey said.

‘‘Through learning coding, the students need to be able to learn the sequencing and the loops.

‘‘This is best learnt early because later on in their lives they will be using coding for their jobs.’’

By learning the process of coding, the students are able to create a list of step-by-step instructions to get their own computers to do what they want them to do.

‘‘As students become more advanced with their skills, they will be able to create computer software, games, apps and websites through the techniques learnt in coding.

As technology continues to evolve, this learning material is crucial for the next generation.