Pick us, pick us, pick us, oh, you did

By Riverine Herald

TONGALA fitness freaks big and small rejoice, Tongala Primary School can now get started building a community fitness track after securing a grant through Pick my Project.

The school will receive $109,500 from the Victorian Government through the grant initiative after 264 votes were received for their project.

A group of committed locals rallied for the community’s support throughout the online voting process — and their hard work paid off.

The community fitness track and equipment project will include a multi-purpose walking/running track and eight to 10 fitness stations that will be used by students for morning ‘‘huff and puff’’, physical education and incidental exercise, and will be open to the public outside of school hours.

‘‘Research shows that the cluster design of the fitness equipment increases participation by making exercise fun and social,’’ Tongala School Council president Louise Brennan said. ‘‘We all know the importance of exercising to stay fit and healthy, yet this can be difficult when there’s no gym in the town.

‘‘The community fitness track and equipment will give the Tongala community an opportunity to improve their strength, fitness and endurance without having to travel out of town.’’

Gus McCubbing