Protecting the grain industry

By Country News

Crop protection and pesticide application expert Bill Gordon is looking forward to the challenges presented in his new role as the grains biosecurity officer for NSW.

Employed by NSW DPI, Mr Gordon will be working in the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program, which is funded by Grain Producers Australia and managed by Plant Health Australia.

‘‘I am thrilled to be working in the program,’’ he said.

‘‘Where else could you work with a team helping to protect an industry the size of Australia’s grain industry?’’

In addition to his work in crop protection and pesticide application, Mr Gordon has also delivered projects for Grains Research and Development Corporation, including workshops for more than 10000 grain growers across the country.

‘‘I hope to use my experiences working with grain growers and advisers to promote best practice in farm biosecurity,’’ he said.

‘‘During my time on farms across the country for more than two decades I have seen great examples of how growers protect their investments by putting in place simple biosecurity practices on-farm that prevent the introduction or spread of pests and diseases.

‘‘You can always tell when you arrive on farm if the owners are alert to biosecurity.

‘‘It usually starts with a biosecurity sign on the gate and a way of keeping track of visitors to the farm.’’

■For more information about how to implement farm biosecurity practices on your property, phone Mr Gordon on 0428 133 944 or email: [email protected]

■For more information about the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program, visit: