Blight samples sought

By Country News

Researchers are seeking the assistance of grain growers and advisers in Victoria to provide samples of diseases detected in this year’s commercial pulse crops.

Through a Grains Research and Development Corporation pulse crop disease project investment, researchers are requesting the provision of samples of ascochyta blight, sclerotinia and bacterial blight.

Research scientist Sara Blake, of the South Australian Research and Development Institute, said collection and provision of infected crop samples would enable a greater understanding of the nature and extent of diseases in 2018.

‘‘In terms of ascochyta, infected pulse crop samples will assist in screening for any changes in disease resistance in pulse crop cultivars,’’ Ms Blake said.

‘‘We are seeking diseased samples of sclerotinia so that we can understand just how serious this disease is for the southern pulse industry, and we are also seeking samples of bacterial blight in field pea so that we can understand which pathogen (or pathogens) is the major problem as this impacts on the breeding program.’’

■Collection kits with return envelopes will be provided by the relevant researcher to growers and advisers willing to provide samples.

To provide ascochyta and sclerotinia samples email Josh Fanning at Agriculture Victoria: [email protected]

To provide field pea bacterial blight samples email Pragya Kant at Agriculture Victoria: [email protected]

■More information on pulse diseases and their management can be found in the GRDC’s suite of GrowNotes publications, available for viewing and downloading via: