New rye-grass lifts winter feed

By Country News

It was a particularly dry spring and summer season for farming — and in many cases that has led to quite heavily grazed paddocks, creating a reduction in feed options during the coming months.

For this reason, farmers are increasingly looking at cheaper and quicker options for animal feed during winter, making fast-growing, home-produced feed an increasingly viable option.

‘‘The cheapest form of feed available on-farm is what you grow yourself,’’ PGG Wrightson Seeds sales agronomist Matt Carracher said.

‘‘Essentially, the cost per kilogram is much lower than from buying it in,’’ he said.

Home-grown feed is not only cheaper, it also gives farmers the option for multiple grazings during the growing season.

For farmers wishing to boost their home-grown feed stocks during winter, a new-to-market, quick-to-establish annual rye-grass, called Ascend, is set to have a major impact.

‘‘Ascend has been bred specifically for quicker establishment,’’ Mr Carracher said.

‘‘Animals are able to get on to the paddock within six to eight weeks of sowing, and it delivers strong late autumn and early winter feed — traditionally a time of year when feed can be in short supply.’’

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