Local swim clubs sharing the water

By Corowa Free Press

The lack of a pool hasn’t kept Corowa Swim Club out of the water this season with a small core Corowa squad joining in training at Rutherglen Pool where Rutherglen Swim Club has made us very welcome, and a reasonably large squad at Howlong training at Howlong Pool twice a week.

A combined contingent of Corowa and Rutherglen swimmers met at Lavington Pool on Sunday, February 3 where they participated in the All Junior Heats (all sprints for under 14s), looking for a chance to swim at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre at the finals in early March. 

It was a day of excitement with a crazy storm halting proceedings half way through. Howlong swimmers Robbie and Tom Bailey were literally ‘baptised’ into their first meet – managing to swim a very competent backstroke each they then faced not just torrential sheets of rain but hail, thunder and lightning which produced not just a few scared children (and apprehensive parents!). 

As everyone rushed into the overflowing change rooms and foyer looking for shelter, leaving the shade tents and chairs victim to the elements a few of us (this coach included) were left huddling under towels beneath the BBQ shelter – the only other permanent shelter on offer.

Naturally the meet was abandoned as soggy patrons navigated a maze of tree branches, broken tents and rivers of muddy water to pack up and get themselves home. 

Rutherglen swimmer Harry Chandler never even managed to get a single swim (well, not in the pool).

The remaining events for All Junior finals will be held at the Corowa Pennant at Yarrawonga Pool on February 17, which should make for a big day, although unfortunately for Southern Division (including Rutherglen club) the Mount Beauty Pennant is scheduled for the same day.

There has been a lot of growth for the Corowa club this season – not just in numbers but also resilience as we establish new relationships, navigate the extra travel and train in much smaller pools. 

Notably, the wisdom of the 50-metre pool decision for Corowa has been evidenced over and over this season.

Special thanks go out to Rutherglen Swim Club, especially President Briony Taylor and the coaches Sarah and Charlie who have all made us feel very much a part of their squad; Federation Council and Howlong Pool staff for allowing us some pool space at Howlong – with free entry to boot – and the new Howlong members and their parents who have been very supportive and enthusiastic.