Support local Lids4Kids campaign

By Dylan Arvela

Plastic bottle lids are a massive issue in landfill, but now residents can turn those lids into something good through the Lids4Kids campaign.

Edgar Insurance Brokers in Cobram and Benalla are northern Victoria collection points, with staff hoping to collect thousands of bottle caps which otherwise would end up in landfill.

The Lids4Kids project collects the bottle caps to be sent to not-for-profit Envision Hands. The caps are melted, then moulded into hand and arm mobility aids for children.

Eight local companies — Avery Cabinets, Trikki Kidz, Hungie Fangs Bakery, Ambience Bakery, The Big Strawberry, The Orchard 3644, Cafe Murrae and Katamatite Post Office — have committed to dropping off bottle caps.

Edgar Insurance Brokers’ Emily Nicol said getting involved was the brain child of colleague Julie Cameron.

‘‘Julie saw a video about the initiative, she looked further into it and how to get involved before putting it to a team meeting,’’ she said.

‘‘We decided it would be a great cause to get behind because it takes only a little effort on our part to make a big difference.

‘‘All people have to do is drop off clean and rinsed bottle caps into our yellow Lids4Kids bin.’’

Northern Victoria Lids4Kids regional co-ordinator Marg Redmond said nobody lost out by donating plastic bottle lids.

‘‘It’s better for the environment knowing these lids aren’t going out to the ocean or rubbish tips but are being recycled for young children,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m calling on any business who can help out by donating their plastics lids.

‘‘Envision have a Fundament page, hoping to raise $100000 for a big printer.

‘‘Anyone is welcome to contact me if they want to donate their milk lids.’’

Milk, water, juice and soft drink lids, as well as bread clips were accepted, but pop-up lids, Vegemite lids, coffee pods, wine bottle lids, plastic rings and plastic inserts were not.

●For more information, check out the Lids4Kids — Northern Victoria Facebook page or contact the staff at Edgar Insurance Brokers.