Damian Drum officially named federal Member for Nicholls

By Cobram Courier

The federal seat of Nicholls officially belongs to the Nationals’ Damian Drum after the declaration of the poll took place last week.

Mr Drum was joined by several candidates as the Australian Electoral Commission divisional returning officer for Nicholls Craig Rickards completed the election process.

Mr Rickards read out the individual candidate results in the order they appeared on the ballot paper, including first preference votes.

The Nationals received 51.3 per cent of the first preference vote, followed by the Australian Labor Party with 19.4 per cent and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation with 11.3 per cent.

Once preferences were included, Mr Drum received 70.1 per cent of the vote, re-elected for a second term.

Mr Drum was delighted by the result and was honoured to serve as the first member for Nicholls.

He thanked Mr Rickards and his team for their work, as well as his own staff who supported him on the day.

Mr Drum said the past few weeks had been ‘‘pretty hectic’’.

‘‘So we’ve had a lot of quick catch-ups and we’ve had to jump back onto a whole range of water policy meetings because that is the biggest issue,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re trying to work through the ACCC terms of reference to get that inquiry up and running and that’s going to be an important process.’’

Mr Drum was working through a number of other issues such as visas and infrastructure as well as the $2million commitment made to ConnectGV.

‘‘There’s a whole range of funding projects that we’ve announced and we need to make sure that they are followed through,’’ he said.

‘‘There’s a fair bit of work that’s been going on and it’s been great that now we’ve got ministers that we can talk to from within the Coalition and we’re all looking forward to getting back into it and getting back to work.’’