Know the hazards

By Cobram Courier

Fruit growers are being warned about operating gas-powered scare guns during the declared fire danger period.

The CFA requires gas-powered scare gun users to hold a Schedule 14 permit during the period.

On total fire ban days, fires on the open air are restricted and so are gas-powered scare guns.

CFA operations officer Peter Dedman said gas scare guns could be dangerous hazards when it comes to causing fires.

‘‘We have, in the past, had instances where fire has started from the use of gas scare guns and we wish to take a proactive approach to help people understand their obligations and, more importantly, minimise the risk of fire and the potential damage and heartache that a fire could cause,’’ he said.

‘‘Placement of the equipment is critical and people need to be vigilant, making sure devices are positioned away from long, dry grass to help lessen the chance of a fire starting.’’

Permit applications are available online from the CFA website and lodged directly with CFA District 22 Headquarters at 205 Numurkah Rd, Shepparton.

Permits can be issued to cover the whole of the fire danger period, but gas-powered scare guns cannot be used on total fire ban days.

●For details on the fire danger period and total fire bans, refer to Can I or Can’t I publication on CFA website at

The publication covers the use of gas scare guns as well as other requirements during the declared Fire Danger period.

For information, contact CFA District 22 Headquarters, Shepparton, during office hours on 5833 2400

Permit applications can be found at