Pursuing painting after retiring

By Cobram Courier

Cobram and District Artist Society’s feature artist of the month is Tocumwal resident Jill Pantlin.

Mrs Pantlin has been a member of the Artist Society for four years, the same time she has been painting and drawing for.

Her entry into the world of art started when she called into Station Gallery in Cobram after becoming interested in pursuing painting after retiring from work.

‘‘I just started having a go and I find going to the art group is really enjoyable because all the members are really nice people and really helpful if you need any advice or assistance. We always try and be positive toward each other,’’ Mrs Pantlin said.

She said her skill set had improved significantly from when she first started with the group and has gone from doing coloured painting to more coloured pencil pieces in recent times due to physical constraints.

‘‘I find holding my arm up all the time when doing a coloured painting tends to give me arthritis. I do love painting but drawing is a lot easier on my body.’’

She focuses on the mediums of acrylic paint or coloured pencil. She started on water colours but did not quite enjoy medium as much.

She said different mediums had intricacies and difficulties.

‘‘There’s a lot of work in every stroke in painting. With coloured pencil, you’ve got to put down a base and then you have to keep going over it to build up the colour, so there’s quite a lot of skill involved.’’

Mrs Pantlin said memorable life experiences had provided inspiration for her work, with most paintings and drawings based off photographs she had taken, others from memories.

‘‘The painting of the bull ... I was in Scotland and he would come up to the fence and would visit everybody that pulled up there so I decided to paint him,’’ she said.

‘‘The big paintings I do are usually out of my head; I’ll just find a nice sky, paint the sky and then make a painting fit it.’’

What was most evident about Mrs Pantlin’s work was its variety, something for everyone to enjoy, which she said there was a specific reason for that.

‘‘I get bored painting or drawing the same thing over and over,’’ she said.

Like many artists, Mrs Pantlin gains a sense of freedom and calm from the process.

‘‘It relaxes you and takes your mind away from everything else that is happening and it’s sort of a social event when you go to the art group because we all sit down and have a good yarn at lunch time,’’ she said.

Mrs Pantlin’s vast array of works is available for viewing or to buy this month at Station Gallery, Punt Rd.

●Station Gallery is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am to 3pm.

If you are interested in taking up some form of art, Cobram and District Artist Society meets Thursdays at Barooga Community Centre, from 10am to 2pm.