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Roars and Whispers

By Shepparton News

Roars and Whispers
‘Roars and Whispers’  by Splinter Contemporary Artists is now showing at Kyabram Town Hall until May 5.

Splinters artist Bev Dowd said: “We have chosen to express our opinion on subjects we feel strongly about. We believe Art is powerful. The artist’s creation can express their fury, or regret, or disappointment or concern about people treating other people, animals and the land in an inhumane or selfish way. It can be a subtle or a strident response to a serious issue using visual art as a vehicle. Sometimes the artist chooses to roar, sometimes to whisper”.
Splinter Artist’s invite you to visit our exhibition and hope that you will be moved by our Roars and Whispers!
Kyabram Town Hall Gallery is at 199 Allan St, Kyabram.

The gallery is open Mon to Sat 10am to 4pm.