Art Shed

Intimate realities

By Shepparton News

This exhibition at Shepparton Art Museum continues until April 1 and features works from the SAM collection. It's a great window into the vast SAM vaults .

Drawn from the potent realms of artists' imaginations, Intimate Realities evokes the uncanny and the surreal. This exhibition features sculpture, video, photography, screen-printing, painting and ceramics by leading contemporary artists, presented in a ways that invite visitors to look more closely.

Each of the works reveals fleeting glimpses of the unknown. Dreamlike and fantastical, they allude to inner states, psychological undercurrents, and unconscious fears and desires. Benjamin Armstrong’s floor-based sculpture is part Cyclops, the one-eyed monster blinded by Odysseus in ancient Greek myths, and part sea-creature from the deep. Rendered in white marble-dust, Heather B. Swann’s female form is part young girl, and part soft-serve confection of vanilla and ice. The accompanying musical score becomes a celestial refrain to the video and sculptural form, entering our subconscious as the sensory experience of sound takes over and extends our understanding of sight.

Intimate Realities rewards us with a series of intimate moments, windows into imaginative worlds we can carry with us as we go about the rest of our daily lives.

Artists: Benjamin Armstrong, Nici Cumpston, Pat Brassington, Naomi Eller, Michal Fargo, Sam Jinks, Juz Kitson, Tracey Moffatt, John Perceval, Sally Ross, Heather B. Swann, Angela and Hossein Valamanesh and Paul Wood.