Art Shed

Kaiela Arts summer events

By John Lewis

There's a lot going on at Kaiela Arts during summer.

Here's a quick low down on what's happening:

Design Roots 2 - Lake

This exhibition presents the natural life of Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton, with a focus on the birds and plants that live on and around the lake.

Artists from Kaiela Arts have worked with watercolors, gouache and ink to capture the watery nature of the Victoria park lake environs. Many visits to the lake have resulted in a mass of A4 images which will form the basis of this show.

Design Roots 2 will build on the achievements of Design Roots 1 (2016) and offer some exciting new textile product ranges as gifts.

Design Roots 2 runs until January 30.

Workshop: Drawing faces using a model.

 Kaiela Arts will present a workshop with portrait artist Glenda Cornell who will show how to draw and paint a portrait using a live model. All materials will be supplied.

When: January, 2018. Date to be confirmed.

Workshop: Discovering beads of culture

An exciting project is designed to uncover practitioners of traditional cultural beading skills of the many cultural groups who live within the Goulbourn Valley Region. Women and men from these communities will come together in a series of hands on workshops to share, rediscover and reinterpret traditional bead making, sewing, threading and use.

When - January 2018. Date  to be confirmed.