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Virbac launches Australian-first combination treatment for BRD

By Dairy News

ANIMAL HEALTH company Virbac Australia has launched a brand new combination treatment designed to tackle Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).Virbac Technical Services Manager, Dr George Cox, said BRD is on the most costly diseases to affect cattle.

“This disease costs cattle producers not only in treatment, labour and cattle deaths, but BRD also results in performance losses due to reduced milk production and weight loss,” Dr Cox said.

“BRD is triggered by stress, weaning or even by a sudden change in weather.

“Symptoms can vary from a light upper respiratory tract infection to a full-blown flu, and even pneumonia.

“Essentially, stress reduces the animal’s ability to fight off infection, which allows viruses like parainfluenza and herpes to move in,”

Given its impact, early identification of BRD-stricken cattle is vital. Clinical signs to look for include depression and loss of interest in surroundings, lethargy and unwillingness to move, an extended head, droopy ears, discharge from the eyes, nose and mouth, coughing and rapid shallow breathing.

Production losses due to BRD can be reduced by the implementation of management practices designed to decrease stress and improve adaptation to the dairy herd environment.

“If the disease takes hold, affected cattle should be housed in a less competitive environment in a hospital pen, with easy access to high quality hay and fresh clean water.

“Adequate nutrition is also vital so a top up with Multimin, which contains trace minerals that enhance an animal’s immune system, can be very useful.”

Dr Cox said animals can be successfully treated if the disease is caught early enough. However, delaying treatment can lead to very high mortality rates or develop into chronic cases.

Virbac Australia’s new treatment combines an antibiotic with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

“Recovery time in cattle with Bovine Respiratory Disease can be vastly improved by administering an NSAID together with an antibiotic.

“This new medication is the first-generation combination to do just that – and it’s delivered with one injection, once a day over 3-5 days, improving the bioavailability of both drugs and minimising the impact on production, to give animals the best chance of a full recovery.”

Virbac Australia’s new medication is an innovative ‘two-in-one’ solution designed to target infection, inflammation and pain all at once.

It is the first combination antibiotic/NSAID to offer a zero milk withholding period and only an eight-day withholding period in meat.

To find out more, speak to your local vet.

• This article was supplied by Virbac.