Owner fined, dogs euthanased after attacks

By Morgan Dyer

Moira Shire Council has won its case to have two dogs destroyed following an incident last year.

In may last year, a Numurkah resident returned home to find two dogs on their property and took pictures of the animals before they escaped the yard.

On inspection, the resident found seven dead chickens from their chicken coop. Another chicken had to be euthanased after the incident.

In June last year, council officers investigated a separate complaint about dogs being kept at a property in Numurkah.

Five dogs were observed at the property with two of the dogs matching the description and pictures of the dogs allegedly involved in the chicken attack in May.

Later that day, council officers attended another residence in Numurkah to investigate a complaint of two stray dogs in a backyard.

The dogs — one described as being a large grey wiry-haired type and the other a similar size with black and brown markings — were captured by council officers and taken to the pound.

The owner of these animals was charged with 12 offences and, at a court hearing on May 13 this year, was fined and ordered to pay costs of more than $8000 with the two dogs ordered to be euthanased.

The council's building, safety and amenity manager Peter Phillips said the sad case highlighted the importance of good animal management.

“The devastation unrestrained dogs have on farmers, herd animals and not to mention our pets and native wildlife, is immense,” he said.

“There is also a danger to the public, with the risks of attacks on individuals and in particular small children who can sustain severe injuries.

“This is a risk any council is not prepared to take, and why pet registration is compulsory with owners encouraged to train their dogs and house them in suitable confined yards.”

Mr Phillips said owning a pet could be a wonderful experience if people took responsibility for their animals.

“Moira Shire Council advocates for responsible pet ownership, which is in the best interests of the pet, the owner and the community as a whole, and this is why there are a number of rules about keeping dogs, cats and other animals in our townships,” he said.

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