Monster Murray cod caught

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

We’re only a few weeks into the Murray cod season and there’s been multiple cod caught over the magical metre mark, which hopefully is a sign of things to come.

Those who have been fishing around town seem to have had the best results, especially those using bait, with chicken proving a popular option.

Gavin ‘Gavinator’ Leiper caught his biggest cod to date coming it at 104cm using chicken as bait.

Gav caught his monster cod near Willoughby’s Beach where he was originally taking the kids down for a swim with family and at the last minute decided to take the rod. A good decision in the end; well done Gav.

Another monster was caught in the same area by Cody Learmonth. Cody’s giant was caught on a bit of left over sausage.

Glenn Shane caught a whopping 110cm cod using cheese as bait just down stream of the Lawson Syphon boat ramp.

Kaiden Joss has also been catching a few around the Lawson Syphon area, his best was 75cm. Kaiden also tricked a small cod into taking his Jackall Pompadour surface lure.

Not to be out done Noah Bradley along with Hillier brothers Kai and Charlie, landed an absolute beast measuring in at 110cm also using chicken as bait. Noah had a little help from his fellow fishing buddies, with Charlie and Kai Hillier also having a turn at reeling in ‘‘Cod Almighty’’. Luck was on Noah’s side as he was only using a 3ft kids rod and light line. Well done boys, it just goes to show you don’t need to go far from town to catch the big ones.

Rory and Fletcher Smith caught some nice fish in the Billabong along with young Brodie and Cam Wills, who have caught their fair share of cod recently.

Brodie caught a nice 61cm cod using a bardi grub as bait and Cam has been reeling in some nice cod up to 59cm also using grubs. They caught eight cod for their morning efforts, solid work boys.

Pat Westcott has been putting in a few hours in his new kayak and has been rewarded with a few smaller cod, caught casting diving lures hard up against the timber.

Tom Conallin was lucky enough to get among a couple of cracking cod with a 93cm caught on shrimp and a 77cm cod on yabbie. Both were caught down stream from the Four Post.

Gabi Donald didn’t miss out either snaring a solid 68cm cod on a surface lure to open her account for the year.

Logan Leiper tried to catch his dad’s cod from the week before with no luck but did manage to catch himself a nice 60cm specimen in the same spot.

No cod yet for Matt Way but he did manage a couple of solid yellowbelly measuring in at 50cm and 51cm, both caught using spinnerbaits.

Max Caruso has also been catching a few nice cod up to 60cm on bait and trolling lures around the Willoughby’s beach area.

Just as I’m about to submit this article I get a message from a mate telling me that a young bloke by the name of Damian Fullerton has caught himself a Murray cod monster. Fishing from his kayak

Damian has managed to land a whopping 120cm beast casting a spinnerbait around the Benarca Bend area. Awesome effort Damian.

Registrations are now being taken for the upcoming 23rd Deniliquin Fishing Classic to be held from February 14 to February 16.

Check out the Deniliquin RSL Iron Jack Fishing Classic Facebook page for more details. It should be a ripping weekend.

Merry Christmas to all and stay safe out the on the water, I look forward to writing a few more articles in the new year.

If you see or suspect illegal fishing, please call 1800 043 536. Make the call and make the difference.