Last hoorah for Shepparton school as staff and students paint mural

By Ed McLeish

An initiative from Shepparton High School’s art department has seen students collaborating with staff to farewell the school by painting a temporary mural on the music centre.

The art staff, comprising Guilia Rigoni, Tim Wilson and Louise McDade-Cartey, worked with about 40 students to complete the artwork.

Ms McDade-Cartey said everyone came together to paint the mural as a “last hoorah” to the school.

“We had lots of excess paint and used it by doing something constructive and giving the kids a bit of a release,” she said.

“Half of the mural is ad-hoc, while the other half was left for the students to do as they pleased.

“We could have gone all day, there’s still lots of paint.”

Ms McDade-Cartey said she and Mr Wilson would head to the McGuire College campus next year, while Ms Rigoni goes to Mooroopna.

“Packing up the art department is a messy job,” she said.

“It’s sad to leave what you know and it’s hard to pack up stuff and look at things and say I’m throwing it out — we’re all pretty well hoarders.

“Painting the mural was a fun thing to do — I would have loved to have put Goodbye Shepp High on it as well.”

The mural, which is on the music building, makes up the boundary on the basketball court and faces Feshti St.

All Shepparton High School buildings except the heritage-listed administration building will be demolished next year.