Animal lovers to celebrate pets with special blessing

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Families and their beloved pets are invited to Victoria Park Lake in Shepparton on Sunday to receive a special blessing.

Hosted by Father Joe Taylor from Shepparton's St Brendan’s Parish, Blessing of the Animals gives creatures great and small the chance to be blessed with holy water and prayer.

Fr Taylor said the event celebrated the work of St Francis of Assisi, a saint known for his love of nature, animals and the Earth.

“This will be our seventh year and it's a lovely day coming together and blessing the animals,” he said.

Fr Joe Taylor and his dog Mausgras welcome all creatures to Victoria Park Lake for a blessing on Sunday.

Fr Taylor said visitors would also enjoy time to reflect on animal care, nature and the world, before a walk around the lake with all animals if possible.

“It's important that we look after our animals and our planet and care for our earth,” he said.

Blessing of the Animals will take place at Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton, at 4 pm on Sunday.

The group will meet at the north end of the lake.