Local animal rescue helping bush fire affected wildlife

By Morgan Dyer

As fires continue to tear through Northern NSW and Queensland, Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming is on a mission to help those who cannot help themselves.

The adoption agency has partnered with The Rescue Collective to help save and support wildlife that have been injured in the devastating fires.

The Rescue Collective is a nationwide organisation that collects wildlife supplies and donates them directly to animal-specific rescues, groups, hospitals and carers.

Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming founder Tilliah Brooks is calling on the Greater Shepparton region to support the worthy cause.

“This is a really great cause and it’s a convenient way for locals to donate to the bushfire appeal,” Ms Brooks said.

“This organisation have donated supplies to our foster carers in the past and we really wanted to utilise the opportunity to give back to them.”

Hundreds of animals have been injured in the blazes. (AAP Image/Andrew Brownbill)

Pawpaw cream, pillow cases, baby wipes, vitamin E cream, Wombaroo supplements, Vetafarm Critta Care, animal formula, feeding bottles and syringes are among the items the company desperate needs.

Ms Brooks said many of the items can be purchased at PETstock or at your local vet.

“We have a collection bin at Shepparton PETstock that donations can be dropped into,” Ms Brooks said.

“All our carers are making up care packages to donate and we are hoping to drum up some public support."

The Rescue Collective is also accepting cash donations, and Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming will be sending material donations away next Friday.

For more information visit, contact Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption and Rehoming's Facebook page or email [email protected]