Maude St redevelopment tender to be voted on

By James Bennett

The redevelopment of Maude St, Shepparton, is inching closer with Greater Shepparton City Council expected to vote on a preferred design tender at tomorrow night's ordinary meeting.

The council will most likely award the project — estimated to be worth $499,950 — to the Melbourne-based Group GSA Pty Ltd, which received the highest evaluation score of those judged by a council panel.

According to the agenda, the work will include landscape design, sub-consultant co-ordination and other design agreements.

"In their presentation Group GSA placed an emphasis on the previous success of the team on comparable projects and was considered by the panel to be well considered and well presented," the agenda said.

"Their approach to consultation was supported by previous successes they have had on similar projects."

Five applications were accepted by council with one failing to achieve an evaluation score because it did not meet health and safety criteria.

The total cost of redeveloped at the Maude St Mall precinct is expected to be $16 million.

Another item the council will discuss tonight is a new sponsorship policy.

The council is expected to slash its sponsorship budget in half if it agrees to adopt the new policy.

Although the new budget would be $5000, the maximum allowance per sponsorship has increased from $200 to $500.

The agenda says decreasing the budget from $10,000 is due to a decrease in sponsorship applications.

The new policy will also include clearer guidelines, introducing an acquittal process, and any request for sponsorship over $500 to be reviewed by council.

Council will also decide on a new updated election caretaker policy.

As part of the Victorian Local Government Act, council must review its policy 12 months prior to the next local government elections in 2020.

According to the agenda only "minor changes" have been made since the last policy was implemented in 2016.

The policy is designed to ensure there are no procedure breaches by councillors or staff during the caretaker period.

Tomorrow night's meeting starts at 5.30pm in the council boardroom at its Welsford St offices.