Freezing days in Shepparton

By Liz Mellino

It was a chilly morning in Shepparton yesterday with temperatures dropping to -2.3°C, the lowest recorded temperature the town has experienced in June for the past two years.

With the temperature sitting in the minuses until just before 9am yesterday, it took some time for the thick layer of frost and fog to clear from across the town.

While it was a freezing start to the day, Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Rod Dickson said there were a few more chilly mornings to come.

‘‘Shepparton had -2.3°C — the lowest since August last year. Shepparton can get pretty cold in winter, however, it was nowhere near the records,’’ Mr Dickson said.

‘‘Looking like we’ll probably see similar conditions (today), it is likely we’ll see a minimum temperature of around -2°C again.’’

Mr Dickson said this morning’s cold snap would also bring frost and a number of fog patches to the town.

‘‘Whether it’s as thick a fog as on the weekend it may not be quite as bad however there is going to be some fog around, particularly for the northeast,’’ he said.

While the temperature reached 13°C in Shepparton yesterday afternoon, Mr Dickson said people could expect a similar forecast for today with 14°C the expected top.

He said temperatures were expected to rise later in the week with a gradual warming trend beginning tomorrow.

‘‘(Tomorrow) morning is likely to still be pretty cold, probably around 0°C, then a touch warmer for Thursday with a minimum of about 3° and up to 16° the maximum,’’ Mr Dickson said.

‘‘So another couple of frosty mornings to come but a bit warmer later in the week.’’

The temperature is expected to hit 16°C on Friday and Saturday and 14°C on Sunday, with a chance of showers for the weekend.