Joan McCann,86, pedals on to stay fit

By Liz Mellino

You may have seen Shepparton’s Kialla Gardens resident Joan McCann riding her white tricycle through the village.

At 86, Ms McCann recently took up bike riding after walking long distances became too difficult due to her age.

Not wanting to miss out on any exercise, she purchased a tricycle which she now rides around the village each day.

‘‘I used to walk every evening but it became too difficult so I thought about a bicycle because I had ridden a lot in the past,’’ she said.

‘‘My family was not in favour of me trying to ride a two-wheel bike, hence I got a tricycle ... I refuse to learn to drive a car because if I drive a car I won’t have any exercise.’’

Ms McCann said she enjoyed the exercise and time outside. However, she had not yet ventured outside the village.

She said she might hit the roads one day but would need to get a helmet to wear beforehand.

‘‘In the village itself it is private property so I don’t have to have a helmet on but once I get out of the gates I need one,’’ she said.

‘‘My friend has promised she will give me one they’re not using.’’

Ms McCann is not the only Kialla Gardens resident to take up tricycle riding.

She said she had heard of two others who also rode around the village.

While she has not yet seen them do so, she said one day they might be able to ride together.

‘‘When I first got the bike I felt a bit conspicuous, I thought people were going to laugh at me but they don’t,’’ she said.

‘‘They spot me coming and I get a wave, so far I haven’t heard any criticism of me on the push bike.’’