Branditt Avenue Post Office moves

By Laura Briggs

Shepparton’s Branditt Avenue Post Office & Milk Bar will split with the aim of providing convenience for locals.

The well-known milk bar will remain while the post office will shift to north Shepparton’s Fairleys IGA complex, opening its doors on Monday.

Owners Tom and Dianne Colbert said the decision to make the move had been a tough one to make but the pair believed it was in the best interest of their valued customers.

Ms Colbert said following their 13 years as owners of the 51-year-old business, she was experiencing mixed emotions regarding the move.

‘‘It’s a huge step for us — it’s sad in a way but it’s good in a way, too.’’

She said the reason behind the post office’s relocation was to cater for the wider community.

‘‘The town’s shifting that way and there was an opportunity to shift the post office out there so we thought we would take that and provide for the people that are out further as well.’’

Ms Colbert said an additional factor that contributed to the move was the progression in business.

‘‘The post office is growing bigger in the way that there are many more parcels and so the demand for the post office is growing,’’ she said.

‘‘From that point of view I think we now need to be a post office on our own because that side of the business has grown extensively in recent years.’’

Ms Colbert said the role of team members at the current location was vast and required them to carry out various tasks within the post office side of business while operating the milk bar.

She said the move would allow for designated jobs between staff members without having to juggle too many tasks at once, allowing for a more concentrated customer focus.

‘‘Our workload will be a lot more organised and a lot more efficient which means we will be able to better serve our customers in good time.’’

Ms Colbert said despite the smaller premises, the new layout and operation procedures were ideal and would also help time-poor customers to be in and out as quickly as possible.

On top of the business’ efficiency, Ms Colbert said she felt as though customers would benefit significantly by the strategic location.

‘‘I think our customers will benefit because they can do their groceries, do their posting, their banking and do everything that they need to do in the one shop without having to go into town, trying to find carparks and so forth.

‘‘There’s plenty of carparks, it’s a short distance to carry their parcels to the car — we just think it’ll be easier for them.’’

Ms Colbert said the pair was thrilled to enter this new chapter and continue to better the business for the benefit of the Shepparton community.

The post office will operate regular business hours in the IGA complex on Numurkah Rd, Shepparton, from Monday, October 15, while the milk bar will also continue as normal.