Fuel truck collides with culvert in Katamatite

By Shepparton News

A truck ran into a culvert on a rural road west of Katamatite late last night, causing a spill into an irrigation channel, police advise.

The truck was travelling west along on Loofs Rd, Katamatite, when at about 10.30pm on Sunday night, it struck a low concrete culvert.

The impact caused damage to left side of truck.

A fuel tank on the left side of the vehicle was ruptured, Cobram Police say.

No injuries were reported for the 55-year-old Leeton man.

Police reported a slight spill into a nearby irrigation channel.

This has been referred on to Goulburn Murray Water, who attended the scene to assess the spill into the channel, police say.

The incident caused no interference to traffic, Cobram police said.